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A Journey  From Within Therapy

We make it our mission to provide you with the tools and education you need to create a solid foundation for your relationships. We help you better understand where you are in the present and identify how to take your relationship to a new level. In addition, you will learn practical tools and techniques that create lasting change.


Knowing Where You Are


Getting Your Relationship To The Next Level


How To Create Lasting Change

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Learn The Steps You Need to Nurture A Strong Family

The family is one of the most important structures in our society. It is the foundation for the next generation, and we aim to help you create a loving environment to strengthen it.

The family unit has always been an essential part of society. The family provides love, support, and guidance for generations to come. Therefore, strengthening the family unit is imperative, as it significantly impacts future generations.

A Journey From Within Services


Couples Therapy

The process of couples therapy generally starts with a couple meeting with a therapist to prepare for therapy. Next, the therapist will gather information about the couple through questioning, observation, and interpersonal exercises. Finally, data collected will create goals for therapy sessions as we advance.

Family Therapy

In today's society, it has been an increasingly popular practice for children with mental health issues to be sent away from home for treatment, which leaves families feeling isolated and helpless.  We can help provide insight into what's going on with your children and offer strategies that can help you find hope.

Group Therapy

 Group therapy generally involves the therapist and client meeting with other clients struggling with similar issues. Group therapy provides a way for clients to share experiences and learn from each other’s strengths and growth areas through a comfortable environment.

Learn Affective Ways to Communicate

Communication is key to any successful relationship. Communication is not a one-way dialogue but a conversation that empowers all parties. Unfortunately, communication has become more and more complex with the rise of social media, email, and text messages. As a result, we have lost the ability to communicate in person honestly. Ineffective communication has created many problems that we need to address. For communication to be successful, participants need to feel valued and empathize with their counterpart’s point-of-view.

Understand The Dynamics Of A Blended Family

Blended families are at the intersection of two different cultures, expectations, and needs. For these reasons, family members must communicate effectively on the little things that will significantly impact the dynamics of the family. 
There are many tips to keep in mind when it comes to successfully managing a blended family:
– Choose a good time and place for your family meeting and set reasonable expectations of what will be discussed.
– Be patient, listen and validate your child’s feelings. 
– Keep the communication channels open.