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All relationships thrive on effective communication. Communication can flow more smoothly when each person seeks to understand before being understood. Relationships thrive on good communication. There is both verbal and non-verbal communication. It is essential to know when to use each. For example, silence might be the best option if a conversation becomes intense. In addition, body language is another form of non-verbal communication. We must constantly ask ourselves, what are our bodies communicating? In relationships, we must understand the hidden signs and adequately interpret what is shared by the other person. As a result, we feel more connected to those who understand and validate our feelings. On the other hand, we become irritated and disengaged when others do not understand us.

Effective communication takes time and practice to master. It also takes a willingness to be vulnerable with others. It is never fair to assume people can read your mind. In the early stages of any relationship, it is not always evident that communication styles can pose challenges. However, as the relationship progresses, each individual becomes more comfortable and willing to take more risks. Relationships are no longer in the honeymoon stage; individuals are starting to experience each other more authentically. Unfortunately, some relationships are not able to survive when communication is ineffective. If you are experiencing difficulty communicating effectively with your others, it is okay to ask for help improving how you communicate. Stop making assumptions; ask for what you need and get clarity when you do not understand. We are all learning how to share our feelings better day at a time.