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Meet Rhonda Boyd

Rhonda Boyd grew up in a single-parent household and was the youngest of three. She lived in a close net community with her mother and two older brothers. Growing up without the presence of her father, Rhonda felt abandoned and told herself that she wasn’t enough. As a result, her life took various detours. Through her journey from within, she learned who she is. Her education and life experiences have influenced her in such a way; she feels a burden to help others start their journey from within.


M.S. Degree in Clinical and Counseling Psychology and concentration in Trauma Studies


Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC

What Is My Mission For You

To build a solid family foundation that inspires, encourages, and supports the wellbeing of each individual and strengthens the relationship between family members.

My Reason Why It Is Important:

When individuals decide to join together, the concept of family changes. Change is inevitable because we are evolving as individuals and as a family, and we want to help you make meaning out of your shared experiences.

My Objective

To reduce the divorce rate by helping families learn how to blend.

My Reason  Why It is Important:

Many divorces happen because couples struggle to communicate their needs effectively and have unrealistic expectations of their spouse. They assume their spouses know what they need without directly telling them. Often, more family conflict can lead to divorce if not taken care of quickly enough.

What is My Goal

Our goal is to help blended learn to thrive instead of merely surviving.

My Reason Why It Is Important:

There are many ways to navigate blended family issues that may arise during relationships. Understanding what we bring into our current relationship and challenging old ways of thinking and behaving can yield lasting results and help[ take your relationship to the next level.  The key is having a solid support system, effective communication skills, and a desire never to give up.

More About Rhonda

Rhonda graduated from Chestnut Hill College with a Master’s degree in Clinical Counseling and has over 25 years of experience. Her work in the field of counseling has led to helping families in need. In 1993 Rhonda began working at Melmark as a Residential Counselor with youth with developmental disabilities. In 1998 Rhonda started with Horizon House as Home Coordinator in their Developmental Service Department after obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in 2003 from Eastern University; she worked in the Human Resources as a Trainer for professional development. In 2005 Rhonda worked for United Communities as a Program Coordinator overseeing two children and youth programs until 2007. In December 2007, Rhonda became a Cottage Supervisor at Presbyterian Children’s Village. Her experience at PCV was like no other and influenced her to return to school. In January 2011, Rhonda enrolled in Chestnut Hill College and started working at Children’s Choice, Inc as a Foster Care Caseworker. In 2015 Rhonda completed an internship at Children’s Crisis Treatment Center, where she could put her graduate work to practice. Graduate school helped her to see the world through a different lens. She started to understand trauma and how it affects people of color.  

Through training and becoming trauma-informed, Rhonda secured a job at a Children’s Crisis Treatment Center in their Family-Based Service Department as a Clinician in 2013. Rhonda was intrigued by how trauma affected the brain and development. While at CCTC she received training in the following areas: family systems, cognitive behavior, mindfulness, depression, trauma, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, parenting and child relationships, grief and loss, and divorce and separation. Initially, her interest in attending the training was personal. Based on her experiences.

After working as a clinician for five years, she was promoted to Clinical Supervisor.  Rhonda was responsible for the supervision and training of staff, supporting staff with formulating a case conceptualization, reviewing treatment plans, and facilitating supervision using Ecosystemic Family Therapy (ESFT). Her extensive knowledge of emotional and behavioral interventions, intellectual/developmental disabilities, family dynamics, and systemic issues is what inspired Rhonda to launch Journey From Within. 

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, she will create a safe environment for everyone to share their story freely and without judgment. At the same time, she will provide the help and support that is needed. The Journey From Within’s purpose is to help families thrive. We want to embrace the obstacles and work through any growth areas by meeting the family with compassion and love to help strengthen the family unit. The Journey From Within is here to guide your family towards becoming strong and staying that way.

A Journey From Within Services


Couples Therapy

The process of couples therapy generally starts with a couple meeting with a therapist to prepare for therapy.  The therapist will gather information about the couple through questioning, observation, and interpersonal exercises.  This information will be used to create goals for therapy sessions as we advance. 

Family Therapy

In today’s society, it has been an increasingly popular practice for children with mental health issues to be sent away from home for treatment, which leaves families feeling isolated and helpless.  We can help provide insight into what’s going on with your children and offer strategies that can help you find hope.

Group Therapy

Group therapy generally involves both the therapist and client meeting together with other clients who are struggling with similar issues. Group therapy provides a way for clients to share experiences with one another and to learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses through a comfortable environment.